MLA and AHA Roundup, 2013

Here are a number of resources available about DH-related conversations at MLA and AHA:

MLA Presidential Forum “Avenues of Access: Digital Humanities and Scholarly Communication”
The Dark Side of Digital Humanities, MLA
Others from MLA:
From AHA:

There are undoubtedly more out there so feel free to send them to me and I will add them to the blog.

Proposal for Change in Graduate Education in the Humanities

I came across this post from Bethany Nowviskie of UVa that was highlighted in the Chronicle Academe Today.  I include both links as they have different comments associated with them.

I’m interested in a local discussion of these matters in terms of what we are offering graduate students as we inculcate them into a discipline and prepare them to use today’s tools of scholarship.  Your thoughts?