Gender Watch – ProQuest

Check out Gender Watch! Explore published material that focuses on how gender impacts a board spectrum of subject areas. With archives dating back to 1970, this shows the role of gender over the years. These archives highlight the important historical perspectives on the evolution of the women’s movement, men’s studies, the transgendered community and the changes in gender roles.
Subject Coverage:
  • Women studies
  • Men’s studies
  • Evolution of the women’s movement
  • Transgendered community
  • (Changes in) gender roles

The Crimson White


The University of Alabama’s popular student news organization and Paper of Record, the Crimson White is now digitized!


This collection now features electronic access to current issues and archives back to 2003.  The newspaper is circulated daily on the UA campus and throughout Tuscaloosa.  The staff of The Crimson White is made up of UA’s very own students with academic backgrounds that cover the range of majors available here.

Check out articles that interest you, ranging from sports to culture!

The Crimson White online version :


Agriculture Collection – Gale

If you are interested in learning more about farming or the latest agricultural studies, the Agriculture Collection is the right place for you to “dig”.

Agriculture Collection

This database is comprised of 7,668,481 articles about current and authoritative content that spans the industry.  Specific aspects range from practical aspects of farming to cutting edge scientific research in horticulture.  Students, researchers, and professionals can obtain the agricultural information from one location!

Top searches in this database include:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Farm Bill
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Global Warming

National Geographic

Check out one of today’s most read magazine, online!  The National Geographic Magazine has been digitized  and offers a complete archive of every issue from 1888 to current issues. Content that is offered in the magazines range from maps to videos to books. You can search for any issue that has been published to date, by clicking on the “Browse Magazines” tab on the homepage.










  • Seeing the Light
  • This Land is Your Land
  • 21st-Century Slaves

Rock the Performance

Rock the Performance offers content that you can customize, videos and tutorials, classes, and sheet music. Many genres of music are covered in the database, such as country, rock/punk, hip-hop, disco, and many more. The video tutorials that are offered feature guest performers, genre and style videos, and Sheri’s how- to- do- it videos.


Check out this database if you love music and want to learn more about it!



South Asia Archive

South Asia Archive is a database resource that covers humanities and social sciences. Historical documents are available within the archive that cover production in colonial and early post-colonial India and sub-continent. Collectors and archivists cover the topic of  the South Asia Research Foundation, that brings together a wealth of primary and secondary content.


Content Subjects Include:

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Arts and Art History
  • Cinema and Media Studies
  • Civilizational Studies
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Development
  • Education

Women and Social Movements in the United States: 1600 to 2000

Women and Social Movements in the United States Database from Alexander Street Press contains full-text publications of history and records of the women’s reform in organizations in the United States during the early 19th and 20th centuries.  A popular work from the collection is The History of Women Suffrage, which contains 6 volumes.  About 10,000 pages of material are added each year to the database. Check out this database during Women’s History Month!


Food Studies Online – Alexander Street Press

Food Studies online gives access to works that explain how food shapes and defines people’s lives with the help of educated philosophers, historians, scientists, sociologists, artists, anthropologists, activists, physicists, psychologists, chefs, and other researchers.  There is a wide variety of texts such as cookbooks, recipes, posters, videos of documentaries, and interviews to be explored.

Featured Content Includes:

ephemera featured2

20th Century Ephemera Collection:

  • Food Labels
  • Food Advertisements
  • Recipe Books (Jell-O, Quaker Oats, Kellogg, and more)

victory garden

Archival Photographs:

  • Historical farming pictures
  • Women farmers during wartime
  • Worldwide farming practices

Waldorf London_0

Discovery Menu Collection:

  • Access to menus from New York Public Library and Los Angeles Public Library
  • Over 23,000 online menus available

Mango Languages


Mango Languages is a language learning tool that offers 71 different languages to choose from. Creating an account will give you the ability to track your learning progress and the activities you have completed .  Account holders are able to move on to the next level after completing and mastering each lab.

If you are interested in learning new languages, check out this database today!


  • Mango Conversations (Pirate)
  • Wine and Cheese (French)
  • Legal (Spanish/Latin America)

Women’s Wear Daily – Fairchild Fashion Media


Women’s Wear Daily provides a daily media outlet for senior executives that (who) are working in women’s and men’s fashion, professional associations geared toward beauty and retail, and media that covers the fashion industry. Some of the major topics covered by Women’s Wear Daily include, the runway, the markets, accessories, and video’s. Check out this database if you are interested in fashion news and what is trendy today.


Top stories trending now:

  • U.S. Economic Outlook Bright, but Strong Dollar Will Impact Bottom Line – North America
  • Amazon Continues to Expand Fashion Horizons – Direct, Internet and, Catalogue
  • PCPC’s Annual Meeting Highlights Global Opportunities for the Beauty Business – Beauty Features