The Woodward Iron Company

Abandoned Woodward Industrial Site (u0001_2007010_0001996)

Abandoned Woodward industrial Site

Abandoned Woodward furnace

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  1. Jeff Newman says:

    The photo in the woodward collection listed — Abandoned Woodward Industrial Site (u0001_2007010_0001996) — I believe it is the Brierfield Iron Works Co. Brierfield Rolling Mill that was located 3 miles east of the Bibb / Brierfield Furnace in Bibb County Al. The Brierfield Iron Works was Incorporated in 1867, In 1881 the Brierfield Coal and Iron Co was formed to purchase the property and the Furnace and rolling mill were rebuilt along with the additon of a nail factory. Alabama Iron and steel aquired the property in 1888 and Southern Mineral Land Company took over the properties in 1894. In 1940, When Joseph Woodward wrote the book “Alabama Blast Furnaces”, the property was in the control of the Southern Mineral Land Corporation. You have the family records, but I have not yet seen anything that tells if the The Woodward Company every owned the propery. I have noticed that there are also several Tenn Coal and Iron photos in the Woodward Family Photo Collection. Thanks for providing this great website and service to the public.

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