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Interested in digitization?

We’re looking for a new Digitization Technologist.  Are you looking for an interesting, challenging position where you’ll learn about digitization of images, text, and audio?  Where you’ll expand your developing scripting skills, learn XML (if you don’t already know it) … Continue reading

What do users need?

Lately I find myself pursuing clarity on how we should efficiently and effectively provide primary source materials online. Without a better feedback loop, how can we possibly address this issue? The panel I chaired (Exploring the User Experience with Digital … Continue reading

“Go Local! Using Digital Archives as Alternative Textbooks in First Year Writing”

Sara Whitver (First Year Experience Librarian), Kate Matheny (Digitization Outreach Coordinator), and Jennie Vaughn (Graduate Student Administrator, First Year Writing Program) will be presenting on this great topic at the Association of College & Research Libraries 2013 annual meeting in … Continue reading

Free Digital Preservation Webinars!

After a series of very successful ASERL webinars on introductory digital preservation in the spring of 2012, a survey of librarians and archivists indicated that the most important topics for successive webinars centered on metadata selection, extraction, creation and storage … Continue reading

Keeping your digital works alive!

How much of today’s important information is going to be accessible in 10 years or so? Before the world went digital, we could count on publishers capturing the information of value for research, teaching, and cultural history documentation. But that … Continue reading

What do researchers need?

Since we’re in the business of providing online access to primary source (unpublished!) materials, it only makes sense to wonder how effectively researchers can use our content. However, since most digital library interfaces share many commonalities — search, browse, results … Continue reading

Digitization Technologist position open!

Digital Services at the University of Alabama is hiring a new Digitization Technologist! For more information, or to apply, please go to and search in the Working Title field. The Digitization Technologist will analyze technical problems and devise solutions, … Continue reading

What about digital preservation at libraries, museums, and archives?

What digital preservation topics interest YOU? The three ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries) webinars I did last February are still getting hits (see the “Intro to Digital Preservation” entries here), so we’re planning to do another round this coming … Continue reading

Digital Preservation for Everyone!

These days, everyone creates digital content, often without thought as to keeping it around for very long. As librarians and information scientists, however, we need to be mindful that some of this information will need to be accessible for awhile … Continue reading

A new constellation

Look like a new constellation? Sometime during the night last night, a tiny dusty gecko fell from the ceiling onto the plate glass for one of our overhead cameras, and our Digitization Manager captured this remarkable image. Meet our new … Continue reading