Digitorium 2018 – Program of Events

Digitorium 2018, October 4-6, 2018
Day/Date Time Start Time End Description Location 1 Location 2
4-Oct 9:30 AM 5:00 PM Registration
10:30 AM 11:20 AM Session 1 3D Laser Scanning Technology for Architecture and Allied Professions William J.
Batson, Jr., Yunsik Song, Pankaj Chhetri, Abel Simie, Prairie View A & M University
Upload as Impact: Explorations in Multimodal Student Learning Alex
Hollinghead, M K Foster, Quoc Hoang, University of Alabama
11:30 AM 12:20 PM Session 2 3D Scanning
Vincent Scalfani, University of Alabama Audio Library in Open Access Digital Repositories Maria Imaculada
da Conceição, Universidade de São Paulo
12:20 PM 2:00 PM Lunch (on your own)
2:00 PM 2:50 PM Session 3 Creating Accessible Digital Humanities Projects Melissa Green, University of Alabama The
User-Friendliness of Returntocinder.com (a database of the work of Jacques
Jake Reeder, Marist College
3:00 PM 3:50 PM Session 4 Parsing
Chronicling America: Using Article-Level Searches in Historical Arguments
Marcy L.
Galbreath, Amy L. Giroux, University of Central Florida
Practical Project Planning for Digital Humanists Sarah Ketchley, University of Washington
4:00 PM 4:50 PM Session 5 Sustaining DH Centers Panel Jason Battles, University of Georgia, Madeleine Casad, Vanderbilt University, Gina Costello, Louisiana State University, Holly Mercer, University of Tennessee, Jean Phillips, Florida State University, Thomas C. Wilson, University of Alabama Study of Grant
Proposals and Referee Reports for Digital Humanities Courses in Taiwan
Yawen Zou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen, Shu-heng Chen, National Chengchi University
5:00 PM 6:30 PM Reception
5-Oct 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Registration
8:15 AM 9:00 AM Digital Exhibits Transparency and Organic DH Development: the Case of Mill Marginalia Online Albert D. Pionke, University of Alabama A Catalog of Imaginary Flags Holland Hopson, University of Alabama
9:00 AM 10:15 AM Plenary 1 Sarah Ketchley, University of Washington
10:30 AM 11:20 AM Session 6 Vector Modeling Semantic Change and Literary Meaning: the Case of Hamlet and Early Modern Religious Controversy Mark Dahlquist, Miami University of Ohio Digital Gender
Divide in Lagos State, Nigeria: An Evaluation and its Implication
Akerele Emmanuel
Wasiu, Anchor University Lagos, Nigeria
11:30 AM 1:00 PM Lunch (provided)
1:00 PM 1:50 PM Session 7 Mapping Medieval
Egypt: Developing an Interactive Land Tenure Database for Medieval Egypt
Muhammad Hafez
Shaaban, Queen Mary University of London
Notre Dame in 1968: Today’s Students Look Back–Creating a Timeline Exhibit as a Case Study in Digital Pedagogy and Collaborative Teaching Angela Fritz,
Rachel Bohlmann, Julie Vecchio, University of Notre Dame
2:00 PM 2:50 PM Session 8 Living in the Machine: The Cloud as Hyperobject Brian Gaines, Clemson University Digital
Humanities Dissertations: A New Model for PhD Scholarship
Jenifer Ishee
Hoffman, Mississippi State University
3:00 PM 3:50 PM Session 9 The Play IS the
Thing: Using Agent-based modeling to Suggest Authorship for a Yorkshire
Kokensparger, Creighton University
The Smartphone
Paradox: Student Meta-Awareness and Mindfulness with Personal Devices
Alan J. Reid, Coastal Carolina University
4:00 PM 4:50 PM Session 10 Digital
Contribution: Understanding the Citizen Archivist Program
Amy Dye-Reeves, Murray State University
5:00 PM Dinner (on your own)
6-Oct 8:15 AM 9:00 AM Digital Exhibits 2D Archival Drawing in the Digital Age Ernesto Alviso,
Victor Garcia, Armony Panighello, Juan Rojas, Prairie View A & M University
9:00 AM 10:15 AM Plenary 2 Maintaining and supporting the Digital Humanities: Virtual Harlem and the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Arizona Bryan Carter, University of Arizona
10:15 AM 11:30 AM Brunch (provided)
11:30 AM 12:20 PM Session 11 VR Workshop Bryan Carter, University of Arizona
12:30 PM 1:30 PM Session 12 Conference wrap