Crimson White Cartoon

Crimson white cartoon
Title Crimson White Cartoon
Date 21 September 1983
Description The Crimson White, The University of Alabama’s student newspaper, ran a number of articles about the Gay Student Union’s (GSU) attempts to become a recognized University organization starting in February 1983. While the Crimson White editorial position supported the GSU, heated letters to the editor over the next few months revealed a deep split among the student body about their acceptance of a gay student group on campus. A student group called the “Young Americans for Freedom” (YAF) was particularly opposed to the GSU, and even organized a petition against it. The YAF’s opposition is satirized in this cartoon, which appeared in the Crimson White’s September 21, 1983, issue.
Donor The University of Alabama
Collection Hoole Library Alabama Collection
Repository The University of Alabama Libraries Special Collections
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