Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter

Lesbian Herstory Archive newsletter
Title Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter
Date January 1995
Description The Lesbian Herstory Archives is a community archive by, for, and about lesbians founded in New York City in 1974 by Joan Nestle, Deborah Edel, Sahli Cavallo, Pamela Oline, and Julia Stanley. For the first fifteen years of existence, the archive occupied Nestle’s Upper West Side apartment until it moved to its permanent home in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 1990. Since its inception the volunteers who operate the archive have published a newsletter that documents the archive’s growth and outreach within the community. This particular issue includes a section about caring for and donating personal materials to the archive, highlights the acquisition of a letter by Radclyffe Hall, and provides a list of resources for lesbian activists.
Donor Materials in this collection were given by multiple donors, including David Miller, Annabel Stephens, Rose Gladney, and Joshua Burford.
Collection Miller-Stephens GLBTQ UA Student Organization Collection
Repository The University of Alabama Libraries Special Collections
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