Sharing the Beauty of Science, Engineering and Nursing

Credit: NIAID

©Vincent F. Scalfani

Contest deadline

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Even though scientists may not think of themselves as artists, however there are times when science and research activities lead to exceptionally beautiful visual representations. We invite University of Alabama Science, Engineering and Nursing faculty, instructors, graduate and undergraduate students, etc. to share the beauty of science, engineering and nursing by submitting up to two illustrations/images per individual. Share with us the visual results of your work where science crosses over to art. The illustrations/images will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary panel of scientists and members of community and selected for an exhibition at the Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering.


Awards will be given to the top three images: consist of 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0

The images will also be posted online and a print exhibition will be on display at Rodgers Library.


University of Alabama affiliates including, faculty, students, postdocs, instructors etc. working in science, nursing and engineering research.

Rules of Submission

  1. Individuals may submit up to 2 images. The max size for each image is up to 2MB.
  2. There is no contest fee.
  3. The submitter must have been involved in the generation of the images and must obtain permission for its use in this contest from any colleagues who also participated. Acknowledgement of collaborators can be credited in the written description.
  4. Images must be submitted electronically using this form.
  5. In awarding of prizes, images will be judged on originality, esthetics, and composition.

If you have questions or need help, contact Arian Abdulla at