Physics Faculty and Students Love Books

Book circulation is a common measure of success for libraries.  Recently we did a quick study on the use of physics books in Rodgers Library.  We wanted to know if the books we acquired are meeting needs of students and faculty for learning, instruction and research.  Are books being checked-out?  Well the answer if you believe in the MO test, yes.  An experiment was run in class QC (physics) in May 2011.  Test A:  at random pulled three books from the shelves and examined date due slips.  Results showed that all three books circulated since 2002.  Repeat the experiment.  Test B:  again at random pulled three QC books from the shelves and checked the date due slips.  In the 2nd test, results showed much the same as all three books circulated since 2005.  Even while the data is a bit thin, the study demonstrates the value of the physics collection.  Results from this study are not at all that surprising, since Rodgers Library seeks to closely match new book selections with instruction and research going on in UA’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.