Tip 5: Academic Software.

Tip 5:  Academic Software.  Software plays a central role in learning and research.  As such Rodgers Library offers both productivity and special software loaded on desktop computers.  Examples include Adobe Creative Cloud, MATLAB, SAS, and Microsoft Project.

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Abundance of Desktop Computers

Most students in science and engineering bring their own laptops to Rodgers Library when working on class assignments or doing research. This works fine in most cases. But when assignments require a more robust computing environment, students can use desktop computers provided by the library. The desktop computers are hardwired to the Campus network. You can easily connect to Campus resources and the Internet.

The desktop computers are loaded with productivity software and many kinds of special academic software. Some desktops have double monitors for multitasking. Work space near the machines makes it convenient to collaborate or just spread out and get the job done. Our desktop computers are located on both the first and second floor. Enjoy!

Makeover at Rodgers Library 99% Complete

Welcome new and returning students to this UA Fall 2012 semester. The renovations at Rodgers Library are nearly complete, save for a few accessories that need to be mounted and/or configured. We are very excited and pleased with the renovated 1st floor of Rodgers Library. New furnishings, new group study rooms, new computers, new technology, we’ve got it all.  The redesigned south end of the Rodgers Library first floor houses multiple work tables and computers loaded with scientific software. The area is completely surrounded by windows, likely one of the best views on campus. If you have not already seen the new Rodgers library, come check us out – you won’t be disappointed. Incidentally, we have a new Science and Engineering Librarian (yours truly). I just finished a graduate Ph.D. chemistry program myself and know how challenging it can be to navigate library resources. We are all very much looking forward to helping you succeed with your classes and research. Roll Tide.