About E-Book Collections

Rodgers Library is systematically adding electronic books to the collection. Like electronic journals, ebooks allow you to open the item at your computer for immediate viewing.  Also like ejournals, ebooks are produced by a variety of publishers and vendors, so the platforms vary; rules for downloading and printing may differ from one to the next. Ebooks are added to Scout and the catalog and can be searched and accessed there alongside the print books. They can also be searched on the E-Resources search page, the same location where you search for electronic journals. 

This post by Karen Chapman, modified to fit Rodgers Library, recently appeared in the Bruno Library Newsletter.

Springer E-books

The library purchased Springer e-books in Chemistry, Engineering and Computer Science last fall.  Records are in the catalog and the books are available on SpringerLink.  If you have used the electronic versions, let us know what you think. Open www.springerlink.com