Tip 13: 3D Printing

Tip 13:  3D Printing.  About three years ago we opened a 3D Printing Studio in Rodgers Library.  Services offered include: 3D printing, 3D scanning, training workshops, and do it yourself 3D printing.  Supporting 3D design and conversion software is installed on the workstations within the 3D Studio. The 3D printers are capable of creating a multitude of 3D plastic objects.

GO to Rodgers 3-D printing.

Go to College of Engineering 3-D printing.

Tip 12: Course Reserves

Tip 12:  Course Reserves.    Many faculty use extra materials to enhance   instruction in the classroom.  In the library, we refer to these materials as course reserves.  Commonly faculty put books from the Rodgers Library collection or personal copies of books on reserve.  Other materials may be appropriate too.  If the content you want to use is in digital format it is probably more convenient to link digital content in your class syllabus or Blackboard Learn.  Learn more about how we handle course reserves.

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Master Databases and Learn About Research Tools

Librarians at Rodgers Library for Science & Engineering are offering spring classes.  Is it that time of the year to start a literature review for your papers/projects? The ability to scan the literature efficiently and identify useful resources is vital.  You can learn how to apply principles of analysis to identify unbiased and valid studies.

The following classes are offered several times during the semester for your convenience:
1. Introduction to Science & Engineering Information Resources
2. Chemical & Biological Information resources
3. Physics & Astronomy Information Resources
4. Mathematics Information Resources
5. Web of Science Database
6. PubMed (Cover Systematic Review, Integrated Literature Review)
7. RefWorks
8. Introduction to Scientific Writing
9. Scientific Presentations
10. 3D Printing Training Session

For questions regarding the classes, contact Vincent F. Scalfani, vfscalfani@ua.edu
If the above classes are not what you are looking for, suggest one or request the one you want and we will be glad to assist. Contact one of the subject specialists at Rodgers anytime:
John Sandy jsandy@ua.edu

Rodgers Library Fall 2012 Workshops

We are excited to announce the first five scheduled workshops for the Fall 2012 Semester.  All scheduled for 5-6 pm on Thursdays, Rodgers Library first floor Scholars Station. RSVP to vfscalfani@ua.edu if you plan on attending or would like more information. We should be able to accommodate about 20 people in the Scholars Station.

  1. September 27th – Searching Literature, Chemicals and Reactions with SciFinder Database
  2. October 11th – Introduction to ChemBioDraw Software
  3. October 25th – Strategies  For Efficiently Searching and Reading  Scientific Literature
  4. November 8th – Strategies for Creating Awesome Scientific Posters and Presentations
  5. December 6th – Citation Management For Scientists