Roll Tide Research

Roll Tide Research is a series of interactive tutorials and other multimedia resources focusing on concepts and skills essential to academic research. The tutorials can be completed in any order.

Module 1: Research Basics

  • 1.1 Identifying Sources

    Topics: Scholarly & popular sources | Peer-reviewed sources | Primary & secondary sources | Common types and formats of sources

    Estimated Time: 15 min | Optional Quiz

  • 1.2 Evaluating Sources

    Topics: Strategies for determining if a source is reliable and if it is relevant to your project | Timeliness of sources | Looking up authors & publishers

    Estimated Time: 15 min | Optional Quiz

Module 2: Beginning Your Research

  • 2.1 From Topic to Research Question

    Topics: Choosing a research topic | Conducting background research | Narrowing and broadening topics | Formulating an answerable research question appropriate to your project or assignment

    Estimated Time: 10 min | Optional Quiz

  • 2.2 Generating Keywords and Developing a Search Strategy

    Topics: Identifying the core concepts in a research question | Developing keywords from core concepts | Using keywords as search terms | Identifying discipline-specific keywords

    Estimated Time: 15 min | Optional Quiz

Module 3: Finding Resources

Module 4: Using Information Ethically

  • 4.1 Citing Sources and Avoiding Accidental Plagiarism

    Topics: Understanding citations | What is plagiarism? | When, Why, What, and How to cite | Includes examples in MLA and APA formats

    Estimated Time: 20 min | Optional Quiz

  • 4.2 Using RefWorks to Manage Your Citations

    This guide covers how to set up and use Refworks. This software interfaces with Microsoft Word and many major Libraries databases to quickly export, organize, and format your research citations. Refworks is available to UA students and faculty.