These modules were developed in conjunction with First-Year Writing and incorporated into the design of EN102 Online. Their purpose is to provide project-relevant introductions to key concepts and skills relating to information literacy, the research process, and using the Libraries’ services and resources.

Instructors: More information on these modules and how they can be incorporated into your syllabus can be found on the FYW section of our About page.

Library Modules for First-Year Writing

  • Conducting Research

    Topics: Beginning stages of the research process | Choosing and refining a topic | Strategies & techniques for effective searching using library databases & resources & open search tools on the web

    Format: Interactive Tutorial & Embedded Video Tutorials | Estimated Time: 30 min | Includes Feedback Survey

  • Evaluating Sources & Using them Ethically

    Topics: Assessing sources for Reliability, Relevance, and Timeliness | Evaluating scholarly and popular sources | Basics of citation | Incorporating others’ work into your paper ethically | Avoiding accidental plagiarism

    Format: Interactive Tutorial | Estimated Time: 20 – 25 min | Includes Feedback Survey