Other Resources

Secondary Sources

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Archival Repositories

Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama. “Administrative Files, 1886-1890” and “State Publications 1882-ongoing.”

Amistad Research Center, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. “American Missionary Association (1866-1967)” and “American Missionary Association Addendum.”

Related Sources within the Williams Collection and Hoole Special Collections

The Lincoln Normal School albums

African American History Photographs and Pamphlets Box: Pamphlets from the Snow Hill Institute in Snow Hill, Alabama, 1900-1912.

Album 41: Memory Book of Callie Lou Pugh, African-American student at Alabama State Teacher’s College. Mostly 1930s, but up to 1960s

Accession 0030, Binder 1: “Mrs. J. C. Lee – Tuskegee Choir Director – Archive Volume One.” 1890s-1920s

Accession 0030, Binder 2: “Mrs. J. C. Lee – Tuskegee Choir Director – Archive Volume Two.” 1900s-1930s

Unlabeled Flat Gray Box #3 – Tuskegee Photos, J. C. Lee Albums

Album 5: Selma Lutheran Academy, 1940s.