Social Bookmarking a Useful Tool

On the Internet, it’s very easy to find valuable information. And the process of discovery has become even more interesting with the arrival of Web 2.0 networking tools that allow for social bookmarking. Many faculty are engaged in social bookmarking. The possibilities seem endless. Social bookmarking can be used to improve instruction and research, even enhance professional development. Perhaps best of all, content in social bookmarking sites is easy to access. An RSS feed can push new content to your portal. And while on a site, search boxes and tags help find just the information you want to read, view, or listen to. The Rodgers Library Homepage features a handy Widget for social bookmarking. To see how this works, enter in the USER box the keyword RodgersLibrary (as a single word) and observe how finding pages on Rodgers Web site is made easier. If you want to learn more about social bookmarking, read “7 Things You Should Know about Social Bookmarking.” This Educause page explains how it all works.

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