Rodgers Library Sponsors Lecture on Himalayas

Mr. Michael Huebner, a journalist for the Birmingham News, will visit UA on March 31 to present a lecture on “The Himalayas: Tourism, Politics and Cultural Change on Top of the World.” Mr. Huebner’s presentation will focus on Nepal , Sikkim in northeast India, Ladakh in northwest India, and the kingdom of Bhutan. His talk will highlight the dramatic cultural and political transformations in Nepal and Bhutan, since 1996. He will also discuss why Ladakh, despite being part of the volatile Jammu-Kashmir state of northwest India, has remained relatively stable. Mr. Huebner will explain the persistence of ancient cultures and religions in these areas. In addition, he will tell how tourism and mass communication have impacted the social fabric and environment of the world’s most beautiful and pristine region. Mr. Huebner’s lecture is at 7:00 pm on March 31, 2010 in Room 1092 in Shelby Hall on the campus of The University of Alabama. The presentation is open to all UA faculty, students, and staff, as well as the greater Tuscaloosa community. Michael Huebner is a classical music and dance critic and fine arts writer for the Birmingham News. He also writes about world cultures and travel. This program is sponsored by the University Libraries and the Department of Geography. Contact: John Sandy, Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering, 348-2111.

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