Historically, space has been a premium in libraries, as collections continued to grow and fill up the stacks.  This has been the case for Rodgers Library, too, at least until recently.   What’s changed?  First, the UA Libraries opened an off-campus storage building (the Annex) a few years ago.  This allowed for transfer of pre-1980 bound journals and some older books to the storage facility.  Electronic publishing, a more recent development, has helped the situation as well.  Journal issues arriving by the thousands each year have stopped coming.  In their place, Rodgers Library receives electronic journals.  Hence, the space crisis has disappeared, fortunately.  With “space recovery” come new opportunities.  Rodgers library is considering repurposing newly available space at this time.  This will benefit services aimed at the public, such as more reader tables and more group study areas.  Library patrons should watch for changes in space utilization in the coming months.

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