UA Arboretum- A Place to Learn About Trees and Shrubs

The UA Arboretum is a wonderful place to learn about and enjoy trees and shrubs.

Located on a 60-acre site near the Tuscaloosa Veterans Hospital, the UA Arboretum is “a safe haven where the University grows and protects rare, old and endangered species of both native and exotic plants,” says Mary Jo Modica, arboretum horticulturist.

The UA Arboretum is a part of the College of Arts and Sciences, operated by the Department of Biological Sciences, and the bulk of UA students who use the arboretum in their studies are from the biological sciences. Each semester a few interns work at the arboretum with Modica and caretaker Ken Robinson. But the arboretum also is popular with students focusing on writing, geology, geography and art.

 Tuscaloosa residents also enjoy the arboretum. Visitors can choose from offers greenhouses filled with exotic plants, and two miles of trails for walking among shade trees, wildflowers, a large collection of Southern azaleas and a variety of gardens, from the whimsical children’s garden to a community garden dedicated to promoting the popularity of sustainable, local food crops.

 Modica welcomes faculty and staff use of the UA Arboretum.

Submitted by Cathy Butler
Dialog Editor

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