Huge Makeover Coming to Rodgers Library

It’s going to be a busy summer in Rodgers Library, even with most of the students away.  For several months, the library has been planning for a major makeover of the public areas on the 1st floor.  Actual work will begin in about mid-May and last until early August.   With this project, we will completely transform much the area at the south end of the building.  After removal of the book stacks and demolition and removal of the existing reference desk, new carpet will be installed.  Once this is done, new furnishings will be added along with lots of new technology.  Our goal is to increase technology and accommodate more users, while at the same time create spaces which are more conducive to learning and research.  We aim to make the library more suitable for collaboration, recognizing that many students work on teams to complete assignments.  The addition of two new dedicated group study rooms are part of the project.   This is a huge development and the outcome, as distinguished by enhanced appearance and functionality, signals an auspicious beginning of the 21st century in Rodgers Library.

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