Bistro-Style Tables Ready for Use

From our experience at Rodgers Library, we know that students like a variety of study spaces and furniture to choose from.  At present, standard study tables, some large, some small, are dispersed throughout the library.   Computer workstations are another familiar arrangement in the library.  Lounge chairs and casual seating are available as well.   When some space in the library was repurposed a couple of years ago, two bistro-style tables were added to the first floor.  This style of study table has been very popular with students.  This summer additional new space became available on the west side of the second floor after a major overhaul of the journal stacks.  In early May five (5) bistro-style tables will be installed in this area. Power is available in this area so all the new bistro-style tables will be wired and ready to accommodate users’ mobile devices.  Enjoy!

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