Rodgers Library Workshops Set for Spring 2016

Date Time Workshop Instructor
Jan 28 2:00 PM Creating Scientific Graphs in QtiPlot and Basic Graphic Skills for Scientists and Engineers Vincent F. Scalfani
Feb 2 3:00 PM Effective Scientific Presentations Arian Abdulla
Feb 11 2:00 PM Introduction to Adobe Muse Website Design Vincent F. Scalfani
Feb 16 3:00PM Managing your References with EndNote Arian Abdulla
Feb 18 2:00 PM Introduction to Matlab Vincent F. Scalfani
Feb 23 3:00PM PubMed Search Arian Abdulla
Feb 25 2:00 PM 3D Design in Google SketchUp Vincent F. Scalfani
Mar 1 3:00PM Science and Engineering Online Presence Arian Abdulla
Mar 3 2:00 PM Introduction to Matlab Vincent F. Scalfani
Mar 22 3:00PM CVs vs Resumes Arian Abdulla
Mar 24 2:00 PM Chemical Information Resources Vincent F. Scalfani
Mar 29 3:00 PM Working with Google Docs Arian Abdulla
Mar 31 2:00 PM Endnote Reference Management Software Vincent F. Scalfani
Apr 5 3:00PM Web of Science Primary Literature Search Arian Abdulla
Apr 7 2:00 PM Locating and Discovering Science and Engineering Patents Vincent F. Scalfani
Apr 10 3:00PM MathSciNet Arian Abdulla
Apr 19 2:00 PM Searching for Chemical Property Data and Spectra Vincent F. Scalfani
Apr 21 2:00 PM Searching for Inorganic and Organometallic Substances in SciFinder and Reaxys Vincent F. Scalfani
Apr 26 3:00PM Creating Scientific Figures in Excel Arian Abdulla
Apr 28 2:00 PM Searching for Polymers in SciFinder and Reaxys Vincent F. Scalfani


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