Take a Journey in Science Kicks off February 2nd at Rodgers Library

What:  A series of lightning talks on high-interest topics in science/medicine/nursing that shape our understanding of the world.

Who:  Presentations by preeminent UA STEM and Nursing faculty

When:  Every Tuesday  during the month of February, 2016 (dates and times in table below)

Where:  Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering (1st floor outside Nightingale Room)

Audience: All UA students.  Faculty welcome too.

How long:  10 minutes or less, plus Q&A

Sponsor:  Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering

Schedule of presentations
Speaker Title of Talk Date/Day/Time
Dr. Graham McDougall, Capstone College of Nursing What is Chemo Brain? Tuesday February 2nd 2:00-2:15 PM


Dr. Norma Cuellar, Capstone College of Nursing Alternative Medicine as an Intervention for Restless Legs Syndrome


Tuesday February 9th  2:00-2:15 PM


Dr. John Vincent , Department of Chemistry What makes an element essential to the human diet or makes it a drug?: Chromium


Thursday February 18th 1:30- 1:45 PM


Dr. Asma Hatoum-Aslan, Department of Biological Sciences The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend:  Enlisting Bacterial Viruses to Combat Drug-Resistant Infections  Thursday February 25th 2:00-2:15 PM


Join the fun and learn about science Contact:  Arian Abdulla aabdulla@ua.edu , or Mangala Krishnamurthy mkrishna@ua.edu

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