Tip 10 Libraries’ Catalog (also known as Classic Catalog)

Tip 10  Libraries’ Catalog (also known as Classic Catalog). Before Scout came along, faculty consulted Classic Catalog to find books and journals in the UA Libraries.  Classic Catalog is still a useful tool.  In particular, Classic Catalog offers a convenient way to find out what journals are in the UA Libraries, both the archival print journals and the newer electronic journals. Note, Classic Catalog is not used to find specific articles.

Go to Classic Catalog.

Tip 7: Print Books & E-books

Tip 7:  Print Books & E-books.  Rodgers Library has a substantial assortment of print books and e-books.  Since about 2010, we’ve acquired e-books only, unless a faculty member specifically requests a print edition of a particular title.   Our print books are on the 2nd floor of the library and for older and less used print titles in the Annex.   For 2015 we will get all Wiley and Springer e-books, as well as titles from other publishers, such as ACS.   Scout is an excellent tool for finding books. In Scout, execute a word search.  In step 2, under the heading “Refine Results,” in the left-hand column, choose Source Types and then limit search results to just “Books.”

Go to print and e-books search.

Tip 6: E-Journals and Print Journals.

Tip 6:  E-Journals and Print Journals.  There are multiple pathways to finding journals at Rodgers Library.  For a quick search for a specific e-journal, our e-journals page does the job. Remember that some older journals are still in print format only.  To get complete results of Rodger Library journal holdings, both print journals and e-journals, do a look-up in Classic Catalog.

Go to Classic Catalog

Reference Books Galore – Many Hardcopy

E-books are a very popular for finding reference information.  Major collections, covering a wide selection of subjects, are available from the Rodgers Library Web site.   Users should remember, too, that Rodgers Library has over 11,000 reference books in hardcopy.  Many of these hardcopy volumes are recent purchases and have current information.  In addition, the Reference Collection contains much archival material.  The older books are still very useful for teaching and research and should not be overlooked.  Some archival titles do not have electronic counterparts.  The Reference Collection is located on shelving near the Reference Desk on the 1st floor.  For browsing, users can find science books in “Q” sections, engineering books in “T” sections, and nursing books in “R” sections.  Enjoy!

Springer offers MyCopy Service

 Rodgers Library has purchased thousands of e-books from Springer. You can find/search these books on the Springer platform at SpringerLink.com

While using SpringerLink, you can view and download content as you choose. This service is free. The books are paid for.  The Springer e-books that we purchased are a part of the University Libraries’ permanent collections. And the e-books are listed in the Libraries’ catalog.

Springer offers another way to capture a hardcopy version of a book, with a service called MyCopy. When viewing a book online in SpringerLink, you can click on a link to “Buy a Print Copy of this Book.” Next add the book to your shopping cart. Should you move forward, you’ll be asked to complete your purchase using a credit card (your personal credit card).

By this action, you will buy a nice paperback copy of the book. Springer will send the book to your business or home address.


Kindle Readers Ready Monday

A new service featuring Kindle e-book readers (from Amazon.com) is set to launch on November 2.  Rodgers Library will circulate Kindles preloaded with a selection of popular reading on a broad range of science, engineering, and nursing topics, plus a few titles of general interest.

Kindle and Kindle DX units will be available for check-out. Kindle units and the titles they contain are listed in the Libraries’ catalog.

• Currently limited to faculty, staff, and students
• Available for check-out from the Circulation Desk
• 2 week check-out period
• No renewals

Look:  http://www.kindle.com.  Enjoy!