Springer offers MyCopy Service

 Rodgers Library has purchased thousands of e-books from Springer. You can find/search these books on the Springer platform at SpringerLink.com

While using SpringerLink, you can view and download content as you choose. This service is free. The books are paid for.  The Springer e-books that we purchased are a part of the University Libraries’ permanent collections. And the e-books are listed in the Libraries’ catalog.

Springer offers another way to capture a hardcopy version of a book, with a service called MyCopy. When viewing a book online in SpringerLink, you can click on a link to “Buy a Print Copy of this Book.” Next add the book to your shopping cart. Should you move forward, you’ll be asked to complete your purchase using a credit card (your personal credit card).

By this action, you will buy a nice paperback copy of the book. Springer will send the book to your business or home address.


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