Who uses SPSS?

The IBM SPSS Statistics overview in my last post included several references to business analytics. While many businesses use statistical analysis to increase profitability, improve processes, and grow their customer bases, I wanted to share some other uses of SPSS to further your understanding of what the software is and what you can do with it.

Looking at the work of UA researchers, we can see that SPSS is used for statistical analysis in many disciplines.

school administration‎, higher education‎, secondary education‎, educational psychology‎, educational software‎, teacher education, curricula‎, teaching‎, elementary education‎, public health‎, social work‎, clinical psychology‎, social psychology‎, marketing‎, special education‎, public administration‎, studies‎, management‎, psychotherapy‎, educational technology‎, educational leadership, academic guidance counseling‎, higher education administration‎, educational evaluation‎, kinesiology‎, sociology‎, womens studies‎, criminology‎, mass communications‎, science education‎, communication‎, community colleges‎, nursing‎, gerontology‎, multicultural education‎, bilingual education‎, community college education‎, cultural anthropology‎, curriculum development‎, ecology‎, mass media‎, mathematics education‎, political science‎, physical education‎, developmental psychology‎, literacy‎, reading instruction‎, families & family life‎, geography‎, language arts‎, personal relationships‎, sports medicine‎, behavioral psychology‎, occupational psychology‎, perceptions‎, social studies education‎, african americans‎, computer science‎, law‎, library science‎, mental health‎, nutrition‎, cognitive psychology‎, individual & family studies‎, middle school education‎, psychological tests‎, archaeology‎, cognitive therapy‎, journalism‎, minority & ethnic groups‎, religion‎, statistics‎, adult education‎, black studies‎, forensic anthropology‎, linguistics‎, personality‎, psychology‎, school finance‎, teenagers‎, welfare‎, aging‎, behaviorial sciences‎, biochemistry‎, business education‎, continuing education‎, education‎, educational sociology‎, instructional design‎, labor relations‎, music education‎, public policy‎, anatomy & physiology‎, education policy‎, environmental science‎, ethnic studies‎, social research‎, surgery‎, urban planning‎

Click to view a larger version of the image.

The above image depicts the subjects associated with items in the Dissertations & Theses @ University of Alabama database that include the keyword “SPSS.” The subjects most often associated with items containing the “SPSS” keyword appear larger, and those assigned less often appear smaller. The image in this post is pretty small, so I’ll give you a minute to view the full size version here.

Subjects related to education appear most prominently; school administration and higher education are the subjects most often associated with SPSS in UA researchers’ dissertations and theses, followed by several other education-related areas. However, quite a few additional subjects are also represented, including public health‎, social work‎, psychology‎, marketing‎, political science, sociology‎, gender and race studies‎, criminal justice‎, communication and information sciences‎, nursing‎, anthropology‎, language and linguistics, psychology‎, and many others.

Search the Dissertations & Theses @ University of Alabama database to see specific examples of dissertation and thesis research in which SPSS was used. Here’s a sample search to get you started.

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