UA Libraries presentation practice rooms

While this blog’s primary focus is the academic software installed on public computers in the UA Libraries, we occasionally highlight other library and campus services and spaces at the intersection of academics and technology.

Rodgers Library for Science & Engineering and the McLure Education Library now offer equipment and spaces for presentation practice. From today’s Dialog Extra:

PRESENTATION ROOMS OPENED IN UA LIBRARIES — University Libraries opened three presentation practice rooms this fall for students and faculty: two rooms in McLure Education Library and one room in Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering. The rooms are dedicated spaces designed to allow users a quiet place to practice presentations while recording them for future reviews. Each facility has a camera that captures both the upper body of the presenter and a display of his or her content on a screen. The presenter provides a USB storage device in the case of McLure Library or an SD card in the case of Rodgers Library for capturing the video file. The practice rooms may be used by anyone on campus and can be reserved at the information desks in both locations.

Information about McLure’s presentation practice rooms is available on the McLure website and in this recent post on the McLure Education Library Blog.

You can read more about the Rodgers Library presentation equipment on the Rodgers website or in this post on R-Lib, the Rodgers Library blog.

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