Spring 2015 software changes

The Office of Library Technology has announced the following changes to the University Libraries’ public computers for the spring semester.

New software

ZoomText: Screen-magnification/reading program for individuals who have low vision. Users can adjust the magnification level, screen colors and contrast, and speech attributes.


  • Bruno Library: All Dell desktops
  • Gorgas Library: All Dell desktops
  • Hoole Library: All Dell desktops
  • McLure Library: All Dell desktops
  • Rodgers Library: All Dell desktops

Similar software

JAWS: Screen reader software, designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. JAWS can reads the user’s exact location on the computer; it will also inform the user what program they are using, and exactly how to use it. The user can also navigate between programs and files by listening to instructions.


  • Gorgas Library:
    • 1st Floor: 4 Dells (LB-104B-009 through LB-104B-012)
    • 1st Floor: Music Library, 4 Dells (LB-C118-001 through LB-C118-004)

NaturalReader: Text-to-speech software which can convert text, including Word documents, web pages, PDF files, and emails. Its floating bar allows the user to select any text and press a hotkey to activate the software.


  • Bruno Library: All computers
  • Gorgas Library: All computers
  • Hoole Library: All computers
  • McLure Library: All computers
  • Rodgers Library: All computers

GOODFEEL, Lime, and SharpEye:
GOODFEEL: Convert printed scores into Braille music.
Lime: Sighted musicians can manipulate conventional onscreen music notation and save a file which can be opened by GOODFEEL.
SharpEye: Scan and convert printed music for Lime, Finale, or Sibelius.


  • Gorgas Library:
    • 1st Floor: Music Library, 4 Dells (LB-C118-001 through LB-C118-004)

Upgraded software

Mathematica: Upgraded from version 9 to version 10


  • Gorgas Library:
    • All Mac desktops except the Sanford Media Center
    • 1st Floor: Digital Production Area, 6 Dells
    • 3rd Floor: Learning Commons, 20 Dells
  • McLure Library: All Mac desktops
  • Rodgers Library: All desktops

SketchUp Pro: Upgraded from version 2014 to version 2015


  • Gorgas Library: All desktops
  • Hoole Library: All desktops
  • McLure Library: All desktops
  • Rodgers Library: All desktops

Software offerings change throughout the academic year. For the latest information, check the UA Libraries Software List.

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