Fall 2016 Qualtrics workshops

We’re happy to offer a series of Qualtrics workshops this semester. Registration is not required.

Qualtrics online survey software offers features for building surveys, distributing surveys, and analyzing and reporting on survey responses. Qualtrics is available at no cost to UA students, faculty, and staff.

These sessions will focus on the new Qualtrics Insight Platform, an overview of which is provided on the Qualtrics website and in this introductory video.

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Fall 2016 NVivo workshops

We’ll offer a series of NVivo workshops in Gorgas Library this semester. Registration is not required.

NVivo software supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It is used to organize, analyze, and find insights in unstructured data: text in documents and PDFs, audio, video, images, spreadsheets, web pages, social media data, and web content. The software allows users to work with large amounts of data in many languages and supports a wide range of research methodologies. NVivo is found on computers throughout the Libraries; students, faculty, and staff can also download the software at no cost via the Office of Information Technology.

Check out the NVivo feature list or watch a brief introductory video to get a better idea of what NVivo is and how you might use it.

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