Letters About Literature – Author Ted Dunagan Coming

Author Ted Dunagan will be speaking at the Letters About Literature Award Ceremony May 9th.
Ted is an award winning young adult fiction writer. He has successfully completed four books with a fifth on the way. 
Ted got started on his writing journey young in life. At five years old his cousin shared with him his first story. Ted says he remembers repeatedly running through the story in his head. To this day the story of Hansel and Gretel is still burned into his mind from that fateful day. 
From then on Ted was hooked on books. His next literary stage took place at age 12 when he was introduced to works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Daniel Defoe, Mark Twain, and many others. At first he thought he wanted to be just like the characters Tom and Huck. Later on in life however, he realized he wanted to emulate not the characters, but the authors. 
Life however got in his way and he engaged in business instead of his true passion. The flame however never died, always waiting in the back of his mind, ready to strike. 
His opportunity to become a writer soon presented itself to him and he jumped on it with full force. Many obstacles presented themselves along the journey, but nothing could stop him from attaining his dream. 
So he took his first steps forward, swearing that what he wrote would be of the highest good, and would inspire, not degrade. “Something that would make my grandchildren proud” he said. Fast forward a few years and he has done just that. 
Now Ted either spends his time writing new books, or traveling across the south visiting elementary and middle schools. He loves teaching kids about what it was like to be a kid long ago, the wonder of reading, and the art of writing. 
We are honored to welcome Ted as our 2015 Letters About Literature guest author. To read more about Ted Dunagan visit his website at http://teddunagan.com.