Recent Exhibits

Emancipation, Reconstruction, and “Redemption”: Alabama, 1863-1877

On the tumultuous Reconstruction period, as seen from the perspective of Alabamians, including what they were experiencing locally and what they were reading about in newspapers.

Campus Historical Markers

Many people, places, and events which left an impression on the University of Alabama and surrounding community have been commemorated in historical markers and plaques around the campus. This is a collection of those public accounts of our history, in both image and text.

Woman Suffrage in Dixie

On the quest to secure voting rights for women, especially as it manifested in the South. It explores original documents that highlight important figures, leading organizations, and major milestones of the woman suffrage movement. These pieces also point to some of the other causes and concerns complicating these efforts, especially matters of race.

Unrest: Two Weeks of Protest at the University of Alabama, 1970

On the civil disobedience at the University in the wake of the Kent State shooting in the spring of 1970. Featuring images and narrative taken from newspaper accounts, it covers the events of May 6-19 in the context of late 1960s counterculture — which was more of an influence at UA than one might expect.