Gorgas Library Renovation

We are excited to announce that a project to renovate Gorgas Library is now moving forward!


The vision:

Our goal is to have a renovated building that provides modern, efficient study space for our students and addresses all of the infrastructure needs of the building.


The basics:

  • The first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in May 2019 with an estimated completion time of 18 months.


  • Phase 1 will include the following:


  1. Replacing the existing staff elevator to make it an ADA compliant passenger elevator that will serve all 10 floors of the building
  2. Replacing the cars and controls in the two passenger elevators
  3. Updating and enlarging restrooms to include new finishes and space for wheelchairs
  4. The addition of a Nursing Room on the first floor
  5. The addition of gender neutral restrooms on second and fourth floors
  6. Renumbering all floors and rooms
  7. Enlarging Gorgas room 205 meeting space to add a second meeting room with storage and a caterer preparation space
  8. Renovation of Java City



  • Because of the essential role it plays on campus, Gorgas Library will remain open for the duration of the renovation. However, approximately four days during the summer, the building may be closed due to lack of water.


  • During the renovation, all library collections will remain accessible, whether relocated within Gorgas Library or via the Library Annex, and all library services will continue.


  • Preparation work for the renovation has begun, so you can expect to see an increase in activity in the building along with some changes and relocation of collections as we lay ground work for the renovation. If you can’t find materials in the catalog, please ask for assistance at the Information Desk on the first floor or the Circulation Desk on the second floor.


  • While some disruption is inevitable, we remain committed to providing the support at levels you have come to expect.


  • During construction, our spaces will be noisy and bustling with activity.  We apologize and hope that the new spaces will outweigh the inconvenience.   


  • We are planning fun events throughout the process to help us all cope, so stay tuned to the calendar for announcements.


  • And finally, it is a renovation project and schedules can always change.  Please watch our website for updates.