Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II Update, and Road Closures

Phase II of the construction project is almost complete, with contractors finishing up the final tasks. The fences on the northeast side of the building have been removed, revealing the newly completed
mechanical courtyard. Additionally, new landscaping has been installed to enhance the surroundings. An extension has been granted to the contractor to facilitate the installation of new power poles along
Capstone Drive. This installation work is scheduled to take place from May 28 to June 7, following which the construction fence will be removed.

June 10 to 14, Capstone Drive will be closed for repaving and striping. During this time, ADA Parking will be relocated to 7th Street, adjacent to Garland Hall.

Here is a map of the area so you can familiarize yourself.

New look at Rodgers Library

Over the past year several updates have been made to Rodgers Library. The main level computer area received an addition of 5 team workrooms, updated paint and baseboards, re-upholstered soft seating, and new tables and chairs. Students are enjoying the glass walls and writable surfaces in the team workrooms. The rooms each have new tables, chairs, and displays for students to cast their assignments for shared research. On second floor custom built walls were installed to enclose two areas that will accommodate larger groups. The rooms were filled with custom furniture and glass whiteboards. Check back for more updates.

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II is scheduled to begin Monday, March 13th.  This project will address deferred maintenance needs and install core infrastructure to support future development in coordination with the University Libraries Master Plan.   The interior scope includes new mechanical and fire pump rooms to house the new campus central thermal connection interface for hot and chilled water and fire water service. A new electrical room will provide a service feed to the new main switchboard in the building. A stairwell conversion will provide area inside the building for the new data, electrical and mechanical rooms and mechanical chase. Pictures provided to reflect what the building exterior will look like on the side facing Capstone Drive.

Gorgas Phase II
Gorgas, Phase II

Bruno Library Renovation is Complete

The Angelo Bruno Business Library reopened the 1st day of Fall Semester.  The building received new paint, carpet, ceilings, furniture, light fixtures, sprinkler system, and HVAC system.  In addition, there are thirteen new team workrooms for student group study. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 16. In attendance were members of the Bruno family, the Library Leadership Board Committee and SGA representatives.  

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II early demolition project

The demolition phase of the project will be completed next week.  The northeastern most stair tower was heavily renovated to provide space for the new electrical and mechanical systems that will be installed during the next phase of work.  An electrical room was constructed on the lower levels.  The construction project is going to bid this week.  More information to come about Phase II.

Bruno Library Renovation Update

The renovation project at the Angelo Bruno Business Library is nearing completion. Since February, the contractors have been steadily working to install new flooring, paint, ceilings, light fixtures, sprinkler system and HVAC systems. Installation for new furniture will begin next week. Here are a few pictures to show the progress.

Bruno Library demolition complete

The Bruno Library demolition package is now completed.  The General Contractor bid is scheduled for March 10 and the construction project will then start shortly after. Below you will see some pictures from the demolition.

Bruno Demolition

Demolition began at Bruno Library this week.  The contractors are making great progress.  Here are a few photos of the work already accomplished.

Bruno Library Renovation Notes

Bruno Library Renovation


The Angelo Bruno Business Library is undergoing a series of renovations.  The building will get new paint, carpet, ceilings, and light fixtures. A sprinkler system and HVAC improvements are also planned.  New features will include a gender-neutral bathroom and a mother’s nursing room.  New furniture will be configured in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on facilitating collaborative work.  While renovations are being made, the building will be closed during the Spring and Summer 2022 semesters.  The library will reopen for the Fall 2022 semester.

Bruno Library services continue to be available while Bruno Library is closed.  Librarians and staff can be reached at their usual phone numbers and email addresses.  Librarians continue to provide research support and classroom instruction, and the Bruno Library websiteprovides access to our generous array of business-related databases, e-journals, and e-books.  Two Bloomberg terminals are being installed on the first floor of Gorgas Library. Circulating laptops and group study spaces are available in Gorgas, McLure, and Rodgers Libraries.

Bruno Library print materials have been delivered to the University Libraries’ Archival Facility (formerly known as the Annex), where they will be processed into that collection, and circulating books will be made available for borrowing.  A large selection of recent and high-use print materials (both circulating and reference) will be brought back to the renovated facility in the fall.

  • If you have books checked out from the Bruno Library collection, they can be returned to any library location (Gorgas, McLure, Rodgers).  Questions about fees and fines can be sent to Donna Minor, Circulation Services Manager, Branch Libraries, atdminor@ua.edu.
  • Bruno Library books that have been processed for the Archival Facility will show a location of Archival Facility in Scout and the Libraries’ Catalog and may be requested in the usual manner.  (Use the “Request Item” button and the “Document Delivery-Loan” option on the Interlibrary Loan form.)
  • Bruno Library books that are still in process will show a location of Business Library in Scout and the Libraries’ Catalog.  You can request a copy from another library using Interlibrary Loan. (Use the “Loan” option on the Interlibrary Loan form.)

If you have any questions about library services and materials during the renovation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bruno librarians and staff.

Gorgas Floors Renumbered

During the Gorgas Renovation Project, all three elevators in Gorgas received brand new cars and controls. This was the perfect time to finally renumber the building floors and offices. It will take some time to get used to, but this is a much needed improvement to help patrons identify the appropriate floors. Signage will be posted to help with the transition.