Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II Update, and Road Closures

Phase II of the construction project is almost complete, with contractors finishing up the final tasks. The fences on the northeast side of the building have been removed, revealing the newly completed
mechanical courtyard. Additionally, new landscaping has been installed to enhance the surroundings. An extension has been granted to the contractor to facilitate the installation of new power poles along
Capstone Drive. This installation work is scheduled to take place from May 28 to June 7, following which the construction fence will be removed.

June 10 to 14, Capstone Drive will be closed for repaving and striping. During this time, ADA Parking will be relocated to 7th Street, adjacent to Garland Hall.

Here is a map of the area so you can familiarize yourself.

New look at Rodgers Library

Over the past year several updates have been made to Rodgers Library. The main level computer area received an addition of 5 team workrooms, updated paint and baseboards, re-upholstered soft seating, and new tables and chairs. Students are enjoying the glass walls and writable surfaces in the team workrooms. The rooms each have new tables, chairs, and displays for students to cast their assignments for shared research. On second floor custom built walls were installed to enclose two areas that will accommodate larger groups. The rooms were filled with custom furniture and glass whiteboards. Check back for more updates.

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II early demolition project

The demolition phase of the project will be completed next week.  The northeastern most stair tower was heavily renovated to provide space for the new electrical and mechanical systems that will be installed during the next phase of work.  An electrical room was constructed on the lower levels.  The construction project is going to bid this week.  More information to come about Phase II.

Bruno Library demolition complete

The Bruno Library demolition package is now completed.  The General Contractor bid is scheduled for March 10 and the construction project will then start shortly after. Below you will see some pictures from the demolition.