Ten Million New Members by Christmas

Title Ten Million New Members by Christmas
Creator L.N. Britton
Date 1917
Format 20 x 30 in
Description Rather than simply asking citizens for monetary donations, L.N. Britton’s poster for the Red Cross positions membership in the organization as a resource for national identity. In bold, white, capitalized letters on a black backdrop, the poster announces the goal of recruiting “TEN MILLION NEW MEMBERS BY CHRISTMAS.” Membership in the organization is incentivized through the reward of an exclusive flag. Service flags were to be hung only by members of the Red Cross, and were printed on thin paper to allow for easy viewing during day or night. Notice how the poster verbally and visually instructs the viewer on how to perform the patriotic ritual. The poster is hung in the middle of the window with a candle placed behind it to illuminate membership to those passing by. The viewer is positioned outside the home, looking in upon a warm Christmas scene. Although the war was by no means universally popular, the poster attempts to make support for the conflict via membership in Red Cross a desirable status symbol.
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