The enormous scope of WWI demanded a tremendous financial investment, which explains why the bulk of the posters in this collection solicit donations from a wide range of audiences to a variety of organizations in support of the war effort. George Creel, director of the United States Committee on Public Information, enlisted many of the nation’s top artists to advertise the sale of Liberty Bonds. Likewise, the American Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations turned to the visual medium of posters to expand their membership and national influence. Posters became a favored means of promoting the war because of their ability to communicate quickly and emotionally. It is clear from the examples below that propagandists, with varying degrees of success, experimented with the visual medium, refining techniques that would be used to sell war to the public for decades to come.

Help Him Win by Saving and Serving
Buy United States Government War Savings Stamps
Boys and Girls!
Joan of Arc Saved France
Save Your Child
Shall We Be More Tender
Before Sunset
Buy a Liberty Bond
Lest I Perish
Shall We Be More Tender 2nd Liberty Loan
“The Time has Come…”
Buy Liberty Bonds
Our Daddy is Fighting for You
Remember Your First Thrill of American Liberty
Let’s End it
Ring it Again
Lend Your Money to Your Government
Buy a Bond
We’ll Finish the Job
Honor Button
And They Thought We Couldn’t Fight
V Invest
V Invest Decal
Americans All!
For Home and Country
They Kept the Sea Lanes Open
The Greatest Mother in the World
Third Red Cross Roll Call
Hold Up Your End
Ten Million New Members by Christmas
Motherless Fatherless Starving
Think What You Can Afford
While Someone Gives His Life
Keep this Hand of Mercy
What are You doing to Help?
Is there a Red Cross Service Flag in Your Home?
Red Cross Truck
If you Can’t Go Across With a Gun
Help Your Red Cross Become A Member Now
Help Your American Red Cross
10,000,000 Members by Christmas
Oh Boy That’s the Girl
Industrial Division
Four Years in the Fight
Keep ’em smiling!
His Home Over There
United We Serve
Books Wanted
Hey Fellows!
War Clouds Gather