Food Control

War is commonly associated with bombs and bullets, but in WWI, the front lines were extended to the kitchen. Propaganda posters turned gardens into “munitions plants,” and food was transformed into “ammunition.” Long before the United States officially entered the war, posters implored citizens to do their part by consuming less, and selecting alternate products that allowed for needed provisions to be shipped to allies overseas. The United States Food Administration, under the direction of Herbert Hoover, repeatedly declared that “food will win the war,” a message directed mainly toward women tasked with purchasing groceries and preparing meals. As the posters contained in the collection demonstrate, the simple act of deciding what to eat for breakfast became a test of patriotism.  

They Are Giving All
Victory is a Question of Stamina
Blood or Bread
Food Will Win the War, Wheat is Needed for the Allies
Will You Help the Women of France?
Feed A Fighter
War Rages in France
Sugar Means Ships
Food is Ammunition
Eat More
Save the Products of the Land
Keep it Coming
Food Will Win the War
The Spirit of ’18
Be Patriotic
Save a Loaf
Little Americans
Cardinal Mercier
Food Control Is a War Measure
Do Not Be Fooled
Why is it necessary…