Hey Fellows!

Title Hey Fellows!
Creator John E. Sheridan
Date 1918
Format 20 x 30 in
Description The United War Work Campaign was the combined effort of seven non-profit organizations to raise $170,000,000. Although the campaign began the day the war officially ended, money was still needed to provide resources and hospitality to American soldiers that would remain stationed overseas for several months. One of the non-profit organizations involved in the campaign was the American Library Association, and this poster by John E. Sheridan asks viewers to donate money to supply soldiers with reading material. The image shows a standing soldier calling out “‘Hey Fellows!’” as he raises a book toward the sky with one hand and holds a book with the other. Given the small silhouetted figures at the bottom of the image, it appears that the man is announcing the arrival of a new shipment of books to camp. Beneath the standing soldier, a Navy sailor in white sits cross-legged as he diligently reads. In the middle-left of the poster, the text reads, “YOUR MONEY BRINGS THE BOOK WE NEED WHEN WE WANT IT.”
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