University Archive Facility Update 7/15/2019

Construction of the University Archive Facility is currently on schedule and is expected to be completed by late fall, 2019. 

Here are a few updates on the UAF construction project:

  • The restroom in the current Annex building is being renovated, so the staff there have been in the midst of a noisy, messy process.  The contractors have declared that the Annex staff  are “real troopers” as they have endured saw-cutting and other loud noises, and continuous movement in and out of their work space.  When I was there, a wheelbarrow loaded with wet concrete was being transported into the restroom via the front door and office space.  The good news is that the slab has been re-poured which should mean that some of the noisy and dusty work inside their work space will subside. The work on the restroom is required in order to meet building codes and ADA standards. They do have a restroom trailer, but that is not real convenient on a rainy day.  
  • A crew from the Patterson Pope office in Wisconsin (compact, moveable shelving vendor) was on site last week to confirm interior measurements of the new building to ensure that the shelving will fit into the structure as planned. 
  • Documents for the fire suppression system are in the process of being routed through all of the necessary stops for review and final approval.
  • Electrical and mechanical systems are being installed.
  • The equipment that will be used to access materials on the shelving has been selected and is the process of being purchased. 

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