Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II Update, and Road Closures

Phase II of the construction project is almost complete, with contractors finishing up the final tasks. The fences on the northeast side of the building have been removed, revealing the newly completed
mechanical courtyard. Additionally, new landscaping has been installed to enhance the surroundings. An extension has been granted to the contractor to facilitate the installation of new power poles along
Capstone Drive. This installation work is scheduled to take place from May 28 to June 7, following which the construction fence will be removed.

June 10 to 14, Capstone Drive will be closed for repaving and striping. During this time, ADA Parking will be relocated to 7th Street, adjacent to Garland Hall.

Here is a map of the area so you can familiarize yourself.

New look at Rodgers Library

Over the past year several updates have been made to Rodgers Library. The main level computer area received an addition of 5 team workrooms, updated paint and baseboards, re-upholstered soft seating, and new tables and chairs. Students are enjoying the glass walls and writable surfaces in the team workrooms. The rooms each have new tables, chairs, and displays for students to cast their assignments for shared research. On second floor custom built walls were installed to enclose two areas that will accommodate larger groups. The rooms were filled with custom furniture and glass whiteboards. Check back for more updates.

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II is scheduled to begin Monday, March 13th.  This project will address deferred maintenance needs and install core infrastructure to support future development in coordination with the University Libraries Master Plan.   The interior scope includes new mechanical and fire pump rooms to house the new campus central thermal connection interface for hot and chilled water and fire water service. A new electrical room will provide a service feed to the new main switchboard in the building. A stairwell conversion will provide area inside the building for the new data, electrical and mechanical rooms and mechanical chase. Pictures provided to reflect what the building exterior will look like on the side facing Capstone Drive.

Gorgas Phase II
Gorgas, Phase II

Bruno Library Renovation is Complete

The Angelo Bruno Business Library reopened the 1st day of Fall Semester.  The building received new paint, carpet, ceilings, furniture, light fixtures, sprinkler system, and HVAC system.  In addition, there are thirteen new team workrooms for student group study. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 16. In attendance were members of the Bruno family, the Library Leadership Board Committee and SGA representatives.  

Gorgas Library Core Support, Phase II early demolition project

The demolition phase of the project will be completed next week.  The northeastern most stair tower was heavily renovated to provide space for the new electrical and mechanical systems that will be installed during the next phase of work.  An electrical room was constructed on the lower levels.  The construction project is going to bid this week.  More information to come about Phase II.

Gorgas Floors Renumbered

During the Gorgas Renovation Project, all three elevators in Gorgas received brand new cars and controls. This was the perfect time to finally renumber the building floors and offices. It will take some time to get used to, but this is a much needed improvement to help patrons identify the appropriate floors. Signage will be posted to help with the transition.

Renovation Project Complete!

The replacement of cars and controls in the passenger elevators in Gorgas Library is substantially complete and the elevators are now available for our use.  Effective immediately, you may use the passenger elevators and the new elevator.  All elevators are currently programmed to operate with card access, only.  All people who currently have access into the building will have elevator access to all floors of the building, except 7th floor and the penthouse.  Seventh floor is restricted to SLIS faculty, staff, students, custodial services staff, and facilities.  On August 19, the elevators will be reprogrammed to allow access to public floors  for everyone who has access to the building.  Access to 5th and 7th floors, and the penthouse,will remain restricted.

The substantial completion of the elevator project concludes all of the renovation and construction projects that have been ongoing since spring 2019.  There are a few punch list items that need to be addressed, but all areas are ready and available for our use.  The renovations included complete demolition of old restrooms and construction of ADA compliant, expanded restrooms on seven floors, construction of a nursing mothers room on first floor, and unisex  restrooms on two other floors.  New water fountains were installed on all floors.  You may recall that we enlisted input from students, faculty, and staff to select the finishes for the restrooms in Gorgas Library.  It turned out great!

There are now 3 efficient, modern elevators to serve Gorgas Library.  The old staff elevator was replaced  to provide access to all floors in the library with an ADA compliant car (and we heard every jackhammer and drill required to make that happen).  Cars and controls for the two elevators in the main lobby have been replaced.  All of the elevators are equipped with card readers and cameras, modern emergency and fire protection equipment, and updated communications capabilities.  During the process of replacing elevators, the lobby areas were also improved on most floors to include new flooring, lighting and a fresh coat of paint.  The Circulation area on second floor was updated with new lighting, carpet, and a new service desk. In the area that was previously 4th floor, now 5th floor, the large conference room was gutted and totally renovated to include new carpet, new lighting and new equipment.  The entrance was also changed to include new wooden doors and frosting on the glass wall.  New carpet and ceiling tiles were installed  in the Web Technologies office spaces and the smaller conference room.  These spaces also received a new coat of paint. 

Gorgas 205 was expanded and re-imagined to create a larger meeting space with the capability of dividing the space into two separate zones, both equipped with high-tech video walls , improved sound system, and capabilities for video and audio recording.  These improvements will enhance future presentations and events in those spaces.  New furniture was purchased for the renovated spaces.  Our meeting rooms are now known as the ​The Camellia Room and The Yellowhammer Room.  These two names received the most votes in a survey seeking input for names for our two new meeting spaces.  And coming soon…. wall graphics featuring pictures of Denny Chimes, the Rotunda, Gorgas Library, and students, will be installed on all floors to enhance the renovated spaces!  Room signage and directories are also being finalized. 

JavaCity was renovated last summer and it has a nice, fresh look which results from new flooring, lighting, paint, counter tops and service point.  

The University Libraries Archive Facilities was substantially completed earlier this summer.  It is an amazing building!  The clean agent fire suppression system in the building is the largest in the state, and one of the largest in the southeast.  The compact movable shelving system ranges in height from 24 feet tall to 15 feet tall to take advantage of varying ceiling heights created by the slanted roof.  The building  has insulated metal wall panels, hardened to withstand wind speeds up to 160 mph.  The building also has a gas generator to accommodate a fire pump, fire alarm, and emergency lighting.  

Thanks to all of you for your patience, cooperation, and team spirit throughout these projects, which have been difficult at times.  We hope that you will all enjoy the newly renovated/constructed spaces, and we hope that the realization of plans for projects to improve all of our library buildings will be possible. 

Gorgas Meeting Spaces Named

The votes were counted and the winners are… Camellia and Yellowhammer!

Camellia is in the space formerly called “Gorgas 205”. Yellowhammer now occupies the space previously used as a reference area and study location.

To reserve a meeting space, please contact Emily Burnett, emburnett@ua.edu, 205-348-5543

Room Reservation and Appropriate Use Guidelines for the
Yellowhammer Room and Camellia Room Meeting Spaces

Camellia Room
Yellowhammer Room

Restrooms Open!

The restrooms on 2nd floor and 2M are now open and available for use.  The restroom on first floor is also available.  There is hot water in these restrooms, but for now, it takes a while for the hot water to reach them.  That problem will be resolved once all of the restrooms have been renovated. 

The restrooms on floors 3, 4, 4M, and 5, are currently under construction or are awaiting demolition and are not available for use. 

Renovation Update December 10

Work to build the construction barrier for the restroom project on 4th floor will begin on Friday, December 13.  On December 20, after 5:00 p.m., work will begin on 4th floor to remove the carpet in the elevator lobby, the area south of the elevator lobby, and conference rooms 401 and 402. The library will be officially closed after 5:00 p.m. on December 20.   New carpet will be installed on fourth floor in the area south of the elevator lobby where the cubicles are currently installed, in Steven Turner’s office suite, in 402 and 401.  New ceiling tiles will be installed in the space south of the elevator lobby.  At the completion of the restroom work, new floor tiles and a new ceiling will be installed in the elevator lobby.  The conference room, 402, will get a facelift, which will include carpet, new ceiling and enhanced entry, along with some technology upgrades. 

Pending inspection and final approval, the restrooms on Floors 2 and 2M are scheduled to be completed and available for use by the beginning of the spring semester.   The elevator lobby on Floor 2, as well as the large space near the Circulation Desk is also scheduled to be completed by the beginning of spring semester.

Currently, the staff elevator project is scheduled to be completed by the end of March, 2020.