August 5 Update


The construction project at the University Archive Facility is moving along and is close to being on schedule.  We still anticipate that the building will be completed in late fall of 2019.  A reconfiguration of the existing janitor’s closet and restroom in the Annex are part of the construction plan because the changes were required by code.  This part of the project has been inside the current building and has created a lot of commotion, but should be completed by the end of August.  There will be a scheduled water outage at the Annex tomorrow so that the contractor can make a new connection to the old sprinkler system in the building.  A new pump that will regulate the pressure in the existing fire suppression system will be installed.  Orders for the compact moveable shelving and the Raymon lift are being finalized.  The Raymon lift will be used to pick items from the compact moveable shelve in the UAF.  The shelving in the Special Collections area of the UAF will be 24 feet tall.  In the General Collections area, there are plans to install shelving that will be various heights, with the tallest sections measuring 18 feet tall.    


The JavaCity construction project is nearing completion.  The ceilings, walls, and floors have been replaced and the whole area looks fresh and bright. New plumbing and drains have been installed, as well as new countertops.  Electrical and data lines have been installed to accommodate new points of sale kiosks as well as other functions in the space.  The moveable security gate is in place and the millwork for the JavaCity service counter and work space is scheduled to be installed on August 8.  JavaCity is expected to be fully operational when classes begin on August 21.

Second Floor Meeting Room Project:

A lot of progress has been made in the renovation of 205C and 205 to create a multi-use space for meetings and events.  Sheetrock is going up, as well as celling grids.  Wall partitions and door openings have been framed for the new storage area and catering area, as well as the new entrance into the north side of the room.  This week, the track for the moveable wall will be installed.  Backing for the video wall has been installed in each of the two areas and electrical and data lines have been routed around the room.  This project is on track to be completed in November, 2019.

Restrooms and Adjacent Areas Project:

Work on the first floor restroom has gained momentum and should be complete by the middle of September.  The second floor restroom is also moving along according to schedule and should be turned back over to us in October/early November.  The Circulation Desk on second floor has been removed, and the tile and ceilings in that area and to the right and left of the Circulation Desk have been removed.  New ceiling grid, ceiling tiles and lights are being installed in those areas.  Behind the Circulation Desk, the storage area for equipment will be revamped to provide more efficient storage space for cameras, laptops, and other equipment  circulated from the Circulation Desk.  The second floor elevator lobby will be refreshed with a new coat of paint, new floors and a new ceiling. A new water fountain, equipped with water bottle filler,  will be installed in that foyer.  All water fountains that are currently located in elevator lobbies will be replaced with new water fountains that are equipped with water bottle fillers.  Access to all materials and all study rooms remains open.  The Circulation Desk is operating from a temporary location on the second floor of Gorgas Library in Pearce Foyer.

The schedule for the restrooms has been revised and the completion date for the restrooms will be June/July 2020.  I will get a revised schedule to you very soon so that you will know when the work will be done on the floor where you work.  The contractor anticipates being able to pick up the pace as they move through the building, but the demolition work is very tedious and slow due to the extremely sturdy construction techniques that were used when the existing spaces were built.  The first floor restroom presented many unexpected issues that were not shown in the drawings from the original construction of that area (i.e.,  depth of slab that had to be cut was 10” instead of 4”).  As we move upward through the building, we will have a plan for how your space will be affected and will share that with you. 

Elevator Project:

The installation of the new staff elevator is moving forward at what seems to be a snail’s pace.  Demolition in the old shaft is complete.  This week, you will be aware of the work that will be going on in the basement.  The foundation for the new elevator machine room will be constructed over the next week or so.  In order to do that, the existing foundation in that area will have to be saw-cut and the debris will be carried out.  Then the space will be back-filled and a new foundation will be poured.  This will create the base for the elevator machinery.  The completion date for the staff elevator is estimated to be in late January/February, 2020.  Once the staff elevator is operational, one of the passenger elevators will be taken off-line and the replacement of that car and controls will begin.  Then, when that passenger elevator is operational, the other passenger elevator will be taken off-line for the same type of work.  The shaft for the passenger elevators will not have to be altered, which should allow this project to move forward more quickly than the staff elevator, and without so much dust and noise.  This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of July 2020. 

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