September 11 Update

You will begin to see some big changes next week on the first floor of Gorgas.  The construction barrier around the restroom area is scheduled to be taken down.  Then, ceiling tiles and carpet will be put back into place and the walls will receive final touch-up paint.  A new water fountain (with bottle-filler and filter) will be installed.  The first floor restroom is scheduled to be open and back on line before the end of September.  There will also be a Nursing Mothers Room adjacent to the first floor restrooms that will become available when the work in that area has been completed.   

Gorgas 205 continues to move along on schedule.  That space is scheduled to be completed by November 15. 

Along with the good news comes the dreadful sound of the saw-cutting in the elevator shaft.  What you have been hearing for the past few days is the very noisy process of saw-cutting the edges around the existing elevator shaft in order to get ready for installation of the new shaft and new elevator car.  The work is progressing slowly upward through the building, but should be completed before the end of September. 

Once the restrooms on first floor have been inspected and turned over to us for use, the contractor will begin work in the restrooms on 2M. 

The restroom on second floor is expected to be completed in early November.  Once that restroom is turned over to us, the work in the restrooms on 3rd floor will begin. 

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