Restroom Renovation Update

The contractors are finishing up  the final details for the first floor restrooms and the nursing mothers room, and anticipate that they will be cleaned, certified by all the necessary agencies and officials, and turned over to us for use by the end of next week, possibly sooner! 

The tile and other finishes in the restrooms are the ones that were selected by popular vote last year.  They look great!  One slight disappointment is that the hot water that will eventually be available in all restrooms, will not be connected to the restrooms until all the restroom renovations have been completed.  The source of the hot water is on the 6th floor of this building, and the piping will not be connected to it until the end of the project.  We will not have hot water in the first floor restrooms on opening day, but don’t despair, we will get hot water at the end of the project! 

After the first floor restroom is turned over to us, the contractors will build a construction partition on 2M and will begin work in those restrooms.

We anticipate that the 2nd floor restrooms will be completed in mid-November.  The second floor meeting rooms (the bump has been removed),  the Circulation Desk and adjacent areas, should be completed by then as well.  When the 2nd floor restrooms are completed, the renovation work will move up to the 3rd floor restrooms.  Thank you again for your cooperation and team spirit throughout this project.

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