June 7 Update

** The first floor restrooms (men’s, women’s, and ADA restrooms) will be closed on Monday, June 10, and will remain closed until the renovation on that level is complete. At this time, the restrooms on second floor and all other floors will remain open.**

The staff elevator project is progressing as planned. The work to enlarge the elevator shaft is about to begin. In preparation for that, the light switches and conduit that are within the walls that will be torn out, must be re-routed to maintain lighting in adjacent areas.

The construction crew will be working on second floor in 205 and 205c over the weekend to install a construction barricade for the meeting rooms project. This work will not affect the Circulation Desk area or SMC.

Work is underway in the area on 3rd floor in the space that will become part of the expanded footprint of the restrooms on that floor.

Asbestos abatement in the JavaCity area is complete.

We will also be working with the contractor to determine when 104 and 204f will be available for instruction sessions and when we will be able to open 102 again.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and team work!

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