Reno Update November 26

The renovation project will move into 4th floor in December. In preparation for the work that will be done on that floor, the conference rooms, 401 and 402, will not be available after November 30 until the project is completed on that floor.  New flooring, ceiling, and lighting will be installed in the 4th floor lobby area.  New carpet will extend into the offices at the south end of the floor and into the conference room, 402.  New carpet, ceiling, and lighting will be installed in conference room 401.  There will also be some upgrades to the technology in that space.

The restroom project is moving along at a slightly faster pace now.  The restrooms on second floor and the restrooms on 2M are expected to be completed and open by the beginning of second semester.  Work is currently underway in the restrooms on 3rd floor.  On December 13, the construction barrier will be built for the renovation of the restrooms on 4th floor.  In early January, renovation of the restrooms on 4M and 5th floor will begin.  There will be a lot of work going on in the library during the winter break.  Gorgas Library will be officially closed beginning at 5:00 p.m. on December 20, until we return to work on January 2. 

The staff elevator is scheduled to be completed in March, and currently the restrooms are on track to be completed by May.  The passenger elevators project will likely extend into the summer of 2020.  

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