Phase One Complete

The first phase of the restroom renovation project is complete.  The sanitary drain line has been installed in the tunnel underneath rooms 104 and 102, and the access hatches have been installed.  The rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and then turned back over to us for use early next week.  The furniture vendor will come next week to move the furniture back into place, and technicians will reconnect electrical and data supply.   If everything goes as planned, we will reopen 102 and 104 late next week.  There will be a small amount of work that will be done in the south hallway of 102 later in the project, but that will not disrupt use of the rest of  the space in 102 or 104.   

#1 Installation of sanitary drain lines in tunnels….. √


On Friday morning, June 14, all restrooms will be closed, beginning at 10:00 a.m.,  for approximately 2 hours while the pipes are capped in the men’s restrooms and women’s restrooms.  All of the restrooms will be locked while this work is being done. 

The restroom trailer that is located on Capstone Drive will be open while the restrooms inside the building are unavailable. 

June 7 Update

** The first floor restrooms (men’s, women’s, and ADA restrooms) will be closed on Monday, June 10, and will remain closed until the renovation on that level is complete. At this time, the restrooms on second floor and all other floors will remain open.**

The staff elevator project is progressing as planned. The work to enlarge the elevator shaft is about to begin. In preparation for that, the light switches and conduit that are within the walls that will be torn out, must be re-routed to maintain lighting in adjacent areas.

The construction crew will be working on second floor in 205 and 205c over the weekend to install a construction barricade for the meeting rooms project. This work will not affect the Circulation Desk area or SMC.

Work is underway in the area on 3rd floor in the space that will become part of the expanded footprint of the restrooms on that floor.

Asbestos abatement in the JavaCity area is complete.

We will also be working with the contractor to determine when 104 and 204f will be available for instruction sessions and when we will be able to open 102 again.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and team work!

May 28 Renovation Updates


Utility work for water and sewer will begin this week on the west side of Gorgas.  A fence will be put into place to enclose an area between the crosswalk near the Round House and the west end of the porch at Capstone.  A protected alternate walkway and accessible entry point into the building will be provided. 


  • Removal of old steam pipes from the tunnel (underneath 102 and 104A) is complete. Sanitary and water lines will be installed in this tunnel.
  • Abatement around the elevator on the mezzanine level is complete.
  • Abatement in 203 is complete.
  • Demolition of JavaCity has begun.
  • Installation of temporary partitions has begun on 4M and upper floors.
  • Abatement is scheduled for Monday in 303.
  • Installation of new sanitary line will begin today.
  • Site work for connection to water meter underneath Capstone Drive will begin today.
  • Staff elevator cab has been disassembled.
  • Demolition in 203 and 104A has begun.
  • A wall will be constructed in 202.
  • The partition for work in 205 and 205C will be built this week.

Join us for first day of classes!

Students join us for cupcakes, cookies, lemonade and water in Gorgas Library, second floor elevator lobby, on Wednesday, May 29 at 11 a.m. as we celebrate the first day of summer school.  First come, first served, so come over while refreshments last! 

Updates to Music Library access

Music Library will be closed Saturday, May 25- Monday, May 27.

  • The Music Library will no longer be accessible from the outside emergency doors.
  • Patrons will use the pathway through rooms 112 and 109c to enter the Music Library. See Information Desk to help located the pathway.
  • Evening, night, and weekend hours, the doors will be locked.
  • Keys will be available at the Circulation Desk for guided access during closed hours for music faculty and students and for the purposes of retrieving specific collection items. Please use 4M for quiet study space.
  • During the summer, the Music Library will close at 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and will remain closed over the weekend.

May 21, 2019 Gorgas Library Renovation Updates

Rooms 102 and 104 (Computer Lab) remain closed for the installation of a new sewer line and fresh water supply line.

Partitions are going up around the new staff elevator from the basement to the 5th floor.

A partition is in place around rooms 113A and 104A in preparation for the restroom expansion.

Java City remains closed.  Vending machines with cold drinks and snacks are located on the first floor next to room 100.

A partition for the renovation in Java City will go up today and tomorrow.  This partition and the staff elevator partition will block the entrance to the Music Library.

Anyone needing assess to the Whisper Booths in the Music Library, please seek assistance at the Information Desk. 

The Java City partition will also block the south stairwells to the second floor.  Please use the public elevators to access the upper floors.

Furniture is being removed on the second floor next to the Circulation Desk in preparation for renovation of the elevator lobby, adjacent areas, and Gorgas 205. This furniture is being moved to 4M for additional seating.

Study space and computers are located on the third floor.  Additional study spaces are located on 2M and 4M.

Room 102 and 104 (computer lab) are closed

On Tuesday, May 14, Gorgas 102 and 104 (computer lab) will be closed due to construction work. There is not a definitive timeline for this part of the project. Please check with the Information Desk or Circulation desk for alternative study spaces.