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Come transcribe our items!

Recently, we talked about adding your own metadata to photos through our new Acumen tagging pane. Today, the focus is on something a bit more involved but maybe even more important: transcribing handwritten documents. Why transcribe? Did you know that many … Continue reading

Come tag our photos!

We’re proud to announce that Acumen now has integrated tagging functionality. But what the heck does that mean? Let’s say you’re looking at an item in Acumen and you think: How in the world would someone interested in X find this item … Continue reading

Acumen 3.0 is here!

Recently, we unveiled the newest version of our search tool, Acumen 3.0! Its new indexer (among other improvements) helps put more data at your fingertips faster. See more info on the results page The easiest way to get you more … Continue reading

Early history of the University of Alabama?

We’ve just loaded a box of the Manly Family papers into the transcription interface, in the hopes that YOU would like to transcribe correspondence and diaries relating to the early history of the University of Alabama. Basil Manly, Sr. (1798-1868) … Continue reading

Transcribe our letters!

UA Libraries has installed web-based transcription software (Omeka and Scripto) to enable anyone to transcribe old letters and documents online.  I’ve uploaded a box of correspondence from the Cabaniss collection (about a wealthy landowner who wanted to free his slaves … Continue reading

Come tag our photos!!

We haven’t yet branded the interface — but we have loaded the first 3 collections of images into Steve-Museum tagging software for experimentation. These are images for which we have very little description — or none at all! We are … Continue reading