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Willie T. White’s Persistent Suitor

Normally, we don’t get caught up in reading what we’re digitizing, but some collections beg for more attention. Over the spring, the incoming correspondence of Ms. Willie Teresa White (1898-1990) caught they eye of our former colleague, Jessica, such that she began to … Continue reading

Come transcribe our items!

Recently, we talked about adding your own metadata to photos through our new Acumen tagging pane. Today, the focus is on something a bit more involved but maybe even more important: transcribing handwritten documents. Why transcribe? Did you know that many … Continue reading

Our Muse, the Moon

Did you catch a glimpse of yesterday’s “supermoon”? While I was checking out the amazing images popping up on the internet today, I started to think about the role the moon plays in our culture, especially its effect on our … Continue reading

Please Write Soon

We often think of Valentine’s Day when we think of February, but that month can be hard for people separated from their loved ones. Whether at home or abroad, soldiers have always found it difficult to be days, weeks, months … Continue reading

Newly Online: Freddie Lindsay, Jr., Letters

We have a new collection online of letters of a World War II soldier. The Freddie Lindsay, Jr. Letters contains V-mail letters to and from Lindsay, who was stationed in the South Pacific. Most of the letters are to his … Continue reading

Dating in the 20’s and 30’s: much like today?

Wonder what dating was like in the late 20’s and early 30’s? Read about it in the Haydn Neal Thompson Letters, now online.  Hayden was away at military school, and later, college, during 1924-1935.  This is a compilation of letters … Continue reading

Newly online: The A. T. Patrick Letters

S/Sgt A.T. Patrick was a radio operator during World War II stationed in Walla Walla, Washington; Redmond, Oregon; and Avon Park, Florida. He enlisted in the Army in May 1941. The A. T. Patrick Letters (MS 2136) consists of thirty-seven … Continue reading