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Free Digital Preservation Webinars!

After a series of very successful ASERL webinars on introductory digital preservation in the spring of 2012, a survey of librarians and archivists indicated that the most important topics for successive webinars centered on metadata selection, extraction, creation and storage … Continue reading

Keeping your digital works alive!

How much of today’s important information is going to be accessible in 10 years or so? Before the world went digital, we could count on publishers capturing the information of value for research, teaching, and cultural history documentation. But that … Continue reading

What about digital preservation at libraries, museums, and archives?

What digital preservation topics interest YOU? The three ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries) webinars I did last February are still getting hits (see the “Intro to Digital Preservation” entries here), so we’re planning to do another round this coming … Continue reading

Digital Preservation for Everyone!

These days, everyone creates digital content, often without thought as to keeping it around for very long. As librarians and information scientists, however, we need to be mindful that some of this information will need to be accessible for awhile … Continue reading

Free webinars on basic digital preservation!

Last fall, I had the honor of being selected as one of 24 participants from across the country to be trained at the Library of Congress, in the inaugural Digital Preservation and Outreach Education (DPOE) Train-the-trainer initiative. Those to be … Continue reading

Overwhelmed by “digital preservation”?

Don’t be! There are simple, straightforward steps that you can take to help ensure long-term access to your digital material. And if you want your content to last more than, say, about 5 years, you cannot afford to wait! I’ve … Continue reading