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Holiday Cheer

Every year since 1969, the Department of Music at UA has presented a Christmas program called Hilaritas. It includes a variety of holiday-themed music, mixing traditional carols and standards with modern pop songs and new arrangements. Earlier this year, we digitized the audio from … Continue reading

Come transcribe our items!

Recently, we talked about adding your own metadata to photos through our new Acumen tagging pane. Today, the focus is on something a bit more involved but maybe even more important: transcribing handwritten documents. Why transcribe? Did you know that many … Continue reading

Unintentional Spooks

If you’ve ever spent much time looking at photos of “ghosts” on the Internet, you know our eyes are very good at seeing what we expect to see — a face in the window, a shadowy figure in the bushes … Continue reading

Please Write Soon

We often think of Valentine’s Day when we think of February, but that month can be hard for people separated from their loved ones. Whether at home or abroad, soldiers have always found it difficult to be days, weeks, months … Continue reading

Not your average christmas carols

There’s so much music written and published just for the Christmas season, but I bet you haven’t seen any of these pieces before. Here’s some pretty normal fare, from 1887. Notice Santa using his glasses to check his list. (Click … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Do you have spooky party plans this week? Check out the costumes on these students, from the late 1940s/early 1950s. These images (like those of the homecoming float in the previous post) are from the George Nichols Photographic Collection. If … Continue reading

The Lost(?) Art of the Telegram

Our search tool, Acumen, is good for turning up items related to a given person or topic, but it can also be used to uncover particular types of items. While diaries and letters are popular tools for research, there are … Continue reading

Did you miss Mother’s Day?

Well, not to worry. Those hard-working, ever-loving mothers deserve tribute all year ’round. Check out this great song album of sheet music from the 1900’s, and serenade your dear ole Mom. 🙂

Easter Music by Harald Rohlig

This week we will feature pipe organ music by Dr. Harald Röhlig in honor of Easter weekend. World renowned organist, Harald Röhlig is a composer and pipe organ designer. His career as a musician began in Germany during the 1930s. … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some love songs from our Wade Hall Sheet Music Collection!